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School Improvement Plan 2018-2020


Committee Member  Position
Laura Abbe Media Coordinator
Anita Carreno Title I Teacher
Kathy Swanger Pre K Teacher
Nicole Dale First Grade Teacher
Savanna Ashe Noland Second Grade Teacher
Jon Serenius Fifth Grade Teacher
Ashley Caldwell Fourth Grade Teacher
Lindsey Huneycutt Cairnes Fourth Grade Teacher
Ruth Sterry Kindergarten Teacher
Tonya Greene Exceptional Children’s Teacher
Rhonda Rogers Seond Grade Teacher
Karen Langley Fifth Grade Teacher
Stacey Hembree Third Grade Teacher
Mary Mason Third Grade Teacher
Jennifer Reeves Principal
Brenda Wilson Lead Teacher
Crystal Hansen Parent
Ernin Palmer Parent
David Sutton Parent


Priority Goal 1:  NC public schools will produce globally competitive students.
District Goal:
School Goal:
Improve Career and College Readiness for all students Pre-Kindergarten through Early College
Increase grade level proficiency with all grade levels in Reading and Math

Beginning Baselines:
Completion Date:

Reading: 70% GLP on EOG in 2018-2019 

Math: 83% GLP on EOG in 2018-2019
Reading: 62% GLP in 2017-2018

Math: 65% GLP in 2017-2018

EOY 2018-2019 is completion date

Goal 1 Improvement Strategies – Identify research-based strategies
Strategy 1: Strategy:  Improve the quality of differentiation for enhancement and remediation through a better understanding of Depth of Knowledge (DOK) and Higher Order Thinking (HOT) for instruction across the school
Action steps:
1. Teacher Depth of Knowledge (DoK)/Higher Order Thinking (HOT) Training – 2018-19 School Year (County & School Level) 5. Provide opportunities for staff to visit other schools (hopefully those in our affinity group)
2. Schoolwide Numbered Heads – Pairing students for verbalizing their learning and holding each partner accountable for verbalization 6.
3. Weekly grade level planning meetings will include intentional discussion of DOK/HOT questions specific to lessons and demonstrated in planning and lessons 7.
4. Use DOK/HOT words as our Words of the Week each week 8.
Strategy 2: Strategy:  Use writing as a routine to increase Depth of Knowledge (DOK) and Higher Order Thinking (HOT)  skills
Action Steps:
1.  Use RAPP (Restate, Answer, Prove, Proofread) 5.  Multiple teachers attend Writing Professional Development at WRESA (Sept. 2018) and share with other staff.
2.  Integrate written responses and reflections across subjects 6.  
3.  Celebrate our authors with a schoolwide writing celebration  7.  
4.  Encourage storytelling at home through our school newspaper, classroom newsletters, and a storytelling night 8.
Strategy 3: Strategy:  Use all levels of Depth of Knowledge (DOK) and Higher Order Thinking (HOT) skills  to teach Math
Action Steps:
1.  Increase automaticity of Math skills  5.  Provide opportunities for professional development sessions in math and share with other staff. (Ex. Math workshop at WRESA Sept. 2018)
2. Create questions for each objective that encompass the DOK wheel (grade level planning) 6. Focus on math instruction while visiting affinity group schools.
3. Utilize IXL to help students strengthen math skills 7.
4. Continue to implement Investigations Math with fidelity  8.


Priority Goal 3:  NC public school students will be healthy and responsible.
District Goal:

School Goal:

Improve student social and emotional health through target training and quality support for students with specific social/emotional needs.
Improve student social and emotional health through staff training and quality support for students
Beginning Baselines:
Completion Date:
Decrease the number of students who feel unsafe in any way by 5%
BOY survey data
June 2019
Goal 1 Improvement Strategies – Identify research-based strategies
Strategy 1: Strategy:  Establish an emotionally safe environment
Action steps:
1. Survey all students at least twice a year 5. 
2. Guidance Counselor teaches classroom guidance with a focus on social and emotional health 6.
3. Anti-Bully Pledge read daily by 5th grade students over morning announcements 7.
4. Provide an avenue for student input through a Student Council 8.
Strategy 2: Strategy:  Educate and equip our staff to better recognize and meet the emotional and social needs of our students
Action Steps:
1.  Schoolwide Professional Development 5.  
2.  Increase training opportunities for Non-Violent Crisis Intervention Program  6.  
3.  Updated training regarding behavior support plans, 504s, and IEPs with behavioral goals 7.  
4.  Use Educator’s Handbook to gather data regarding behavioral needs 8.
Strategy 3: Strategy:  Prepare students for global citizenship and lifelong learning 
Action Steps:
1.  Provide a variety of multicultural learning opportunities  5.  
2.  Global/Math/Storytelling Night Nov. 8, 2018 6.
3.  Revisit our staff book study of The Global Education Toolkit for Elementary Learners and implement appropriate activities within each grade level 7.
4. Participate in the Global Read Aloud 8.


Priority Goal 5:  NC public schools will be governed and supported by 21st Century systems.
District Goal:
School Goal:
Improve the quality of communication with standard protocol process for internal and external communication 
Improve internal and external communications

Beginning Baselines:

Completion Date:

June 2019: 200 parents set up to receive texts and/or emails via Blackboard

2018-2019: At least 52 posts to school webpage

2018-2019: School personnel have ability to post directly to Twitter
August 2018: 22 parents set up to receive texts and 25 set up to receive emails in Blackboard system

2017-2018: 36 posts to school webpage

2017-2018: Twitter only populated by webpage feed
June 30, 2020

Goal 1 Improvement Strategies – Identify research-based strategies
Strategy 1: Strategy:  Improve internal communications
Action steps:
1. Provide an explanation of our communication protocols at the beginning of the year 5. 
2. Increase the number of parents receiving text messages and/or emails through Blackboard Connect 6.
3.  Car Line Sandwich Board 7.
4. Put cool info stickers on kids/in the agenda book as reminders of school wide events 8.
Strategy 2: Strategy:  Improve external communications
Action Steps:
1.  Post to school webpage weekly  5.  
2.  Reach out monthly to media outlets with positive stories from our school community 6.  
3.  Increase our use of Twitter as a positive communication tool for our school events and happenings 7.  
4.   8.
Strategy 3: Strategy:  
Action Steps:
1.   5.  
2. 6.
3.  7.
4.  8.


All schools shall complete the following as it applies to your school.


Plan for preparing students to read at grade level by the time they enter 2nd grade including notification to parents for children not reading at grade level and/or at risk of not reading at grade level.
Writing Workshops

Guided Reading

Interactive Writing

Shared Writing

Words Their Way phonics

Shared Reading

Interactive Read Aloud

Independent Reading

Partner Reading

Secret Stories

Word Study

Book Buddies and Writing Partnerships

Schoolwide Reading Incentive Programs

Reading Workshop

Summer Library program

Leveled Literacy Intervention program utilized with struggling readers.

Title I Tutors will work with any student reading below grade level or at risk of reading below grade level.

Teacher assistants and volunteers will read with students on a regular basis.

mClass Data will be used to explain student progress to parents and to plan instruction.

Parent Conferences, Progress Reports, and Report Cards notify parents of student progress or lack of progress.

Retention letters will be sent to each student who is reading below grade level and subsequent parent conferences will be held.


School Safety and Discipline Plan Components 
Crisis Plan Box and Critical Incident Response Kit are updated yearly

Practice Safety Drills (fire, tornado, lockdown, etc.)

Posted Evacuation Routes/Established Protocols for Building Safety

Classroom Discipline Plans

Individual Student Health Emergency Action Plans and Behavior Support Plans as needed

Anti-Bullying promise adopted by each class and read by 5th grade students over intercom each morning

Educator’s Handbook program helps track all types of behavioral patterns


A plan for improving the academic performance of students at risk of academic failure or dropping out
Parent Engagement sessions/Teach parents strategies to help their students at home

Offer remediation sessions to all students.

Title I Tutoring

Multi-Tiered System of Support (MTSS)

Student Assistance Team (SAT)

Home visits by social worker and/or principal

Referrals to school counselor and/or Meridian Behavioral Health


A plan to provide a duty-free lunch period for every teacher on a daily basis or as otherwise approved by the School Improvement Team.
Our SIT elected not to participate in daily duty-free lunch.  Periodically, parent volunteers provide lunch coverage for our teachers.


A plan to provide a duty-free instructional planning time for every teacher with the goal of providing an average of at least five hours of planning time per week.
Kindergarten teachers have 3 hours and 45 minutes of planning per week.

1st grade teachers have 4 hours and 10 minutes of planning each week.

2nd-5th grade teachers have 5 hours of planning each week.

Each grade level has common planning time 4-5 days per week.  



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