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Jonathan Valley


2019 – 2020


  1. Philosophy Statement

Jonathan Valley strives to build strong family partnerships that encourages the support of parents and families to improve student achievement. We will follow the guidelines of the Haywood County Family Engagement Policy to increase student success and improve school performance.


  1. Procedures for Families to Become Decision Makers and Learners


  • Families will be notified of their child’s participation in Title I Reading and Math program. Families will receive information about state curriculum and state and local assessments.
  • Families will be invited to attend an annual meeting where Title I policies will be explained.
  • Families will be given opportunities to become active partners in their child’s education by becoming decision makers. Families will be encouraged to attend parent, student, and teacher conferences. Some parents will serve on the Haywood County/Jonathan Valley Parent Advisory Committee and the School Improvement Team. Families will complete a needs survey and a Parent, Teacher, Principal and Student Compact.
  • Family activities and workshops will be coordinated by Principal, Lead Teacher, Title I Staff, classroom teachers and School Improvement Team members and integrated with other opportunities when available.


III. Procedures for Families to Become Teachers and Supporters


  • Parents are encouraged to become members of the Parent and Guardian/Teacher Organization and to volunteer. 
  • Parents will support the Principal/Teacher/Parent/Student Compact.
  • Parents will be provided opportunities for understanding their child’s curriculum, materials to support their child at home, flexible scheduling for meetings and conferences.
  • Communication concerning academic progress, classroom events, school wide policies, and programs  will be shared through the use of an agenda book, phone calls, emails, newsletters, progress reports, and an automated phone system.




Upcoming Events

November 22, 2019
Thanksgiving Lunch
Time: 10:45 am - 1:00 pm
November 27, 2019
HCS - Annual Leave Day
November 28, 2019
HCS - Holiday
November 29, 2019
HCS - Holiday
December 19, 2019
Christmas Lunch
Time: 10:45 am - 1:00 pm
December 23, 2019
HCS - Holiday
December 24, 2019
HCS - Holiday
December 25, 2019
HCS - Holiday
December 26, 2019
HCS - Annual Leave Day
December 27, 2019
HCS - Annual Leave Day
December 30, 2019
HCS - Annual Leave Day
December 31, 2019
HCS - Annual Leave Day
January 1, 2020
HCS - Holiday
January 2, 2020
HCS - Optional Teacher Workday
January 3, 2020
HCS - Mandatory Teacher Workday