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Ms. Hembree, Mrs. Hall, Mrs. Nicholson, and Ms. Scott


      Schoolwide Title I Parent Engagement Policy 2018-2019 (Revisited May 2018)

“A School Where Everyone Thinks, Believes and Achieves”

  1. Philosophy Statement of Title I 

Jonathan Valley Elementary School will follow the Haywood County Parent Involvement Policy that recognizes the involvement of parents in their children’s education.  Educational studies have proven a direct correlation between parent involvement and student success.  In order to build a strong parent involvement program, a variety of activities will be offered that support and assist parents and teachers in improving students’ academic and school performance.

  1. Procedures for Parents to Become Decision Makers and Learners
  1. Parents are made to feel welcome in our school and become active participants in their child’s education. Parents will be informed of the schoolwide objectives and methods implemented.  Parents will receive information about curriculum and assessments.
  2. An annual meeting explaining the Title I Program will be held at the beginning of the school year.
  3. A Parent Advisory Committee will be selected and will be given opportunities to be involved in the planning and reviewing of the Parent Involvement Policy.
  4. Parent activities and workshops will be coordinated and integrated with other programs when available.
  5. System and school parent involvement policies will be distributed annually to parents and will be available online.
  1. Procedures for Parents to Become Teachers and Supporters 
  1. Communication between home and school is encouraged through the use of agenda books, phone calls, parent conferences, parent newsletters, emails, progress reports, and our automated phone system.
  2. Parents are encouraged to become active participants in their child’s school and education by becoming members of the Parent Teacher Organization, and becoming school volunteers.
  3. Parents, students, and school personnel will sign accountability contracts outlining the responsibilities of each participant.
  4. Parents will become active participants in their child’s education by assisting with homework.
  5. Information and instructional materials will be made available to parents through Jonathan Valley resources.
  6. Parents receive an open invitation to lunch and special invitations to other events throughout the year.

2018/19 Title I Activities:


Summer Library (open from noon to 6 pm) from June 20th to July 25th




Curriculum Nights (one per grade level)


2nd & 3rd grade parent workshops 10/16

Kindergarten parent workshops 10/23 and 10/26


Global Math & Storytelling Night 11/8