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Summer 2019

As we head into summer break, I’d like to tell you again how much I appreciate being allowed to be an extended part of your family and a part of your child’s life. I remember the summers of my childhood as times when I ran barefooted catching lightening bugs and putting them in a peanut butter jar with holes poked in the lid with my Daddy’s pocket knife. We used to go camping with my Mamaw and Papa and I felt like we were a million miles away from home; imagine my surprise when I got just a bit older and realized that Laurel Bank Campground was in Cruso…Canton to be specific…the same town I lived in. My little brother and I would play wiffle ball against each other and get into arguments about whether the “ghost man”  who had been on 2nd base scored or not. My parents were very young, mid twenties when I was in elementary school, but they made sure I had a childhood that was filled with good memories. As a parent, you only have 18 summers with your child, make each day count. It doesn’t take any money to spend time playing with your kids in the yard or spreading out a blanket at the Lake Junaluska dam with a picnic. Every child deserves to have happy summer memories and the adults in their lives are the folks who are responsible for making sure that is what happens.

I would also like to encourage you to READ to and with your child this summer. Here are some links to free reading programs:

17 Free Summer Reading Programs 2019


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