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Updated 4/7/23

The staff at Jonathan Valley is dedicated to helping students thrive and learn during these unprecedented times. The following list is meant to support and supplement the resources sent to you by specific teachers. You will have seen some of these, and some will be new. When you see things written in blue and/or underlined, these are links to the resources that you can click on to go to those sites. Please check for updates to this list from time to time.

Reading/Literacy Sites

New as of fall 2021!

We at JVE are pleased to share a new digital reading resource from NCDPI called Literacy at Home. Below you will find an introductory video as well as the link to this site.

LINK: http://bit.ly/homeliteracy

Here are some resources for free e-books, which are electronic books that can be read or experienced on a device.

*E-books on JVE Destiny Library Catalog – books available through the JVE library that can be read on a device 

Steps to access:

  • On the JVE website, under Quick Links on the far left hand side of the screen, click on Destiny Digital Library Catalog. Click on Jonathan Valley. The library catalog for JVE will come up. Or just click on the Destiny link above.
  • Click on Destiny Discover in the list of options on the far left hand side of the screen (third choice down).
  • Scroll down to find the e-book collection. Click on “See All” to see a complete listing. Titles with a white infinity symbol in a blue background indicate that unlimited copies are available for checkout. Students will need to log in to be able to check out a title. The username and password are their regular ones used to log in to a computer at school. Please click on “Return” when finished with the book so that others may check these out.  

*Haywood County Public Library Website 

*NC Kids Digital Library – This is the children’s section of the NC Digital Library, a resource available through the Haywood County Public Library. There is an option at the top to change the site to other languages including Spanish. Parents, if you decide to use this resource please note that this is a part of a larger website of books at various reading levels, and monitor that students are using it appropriately. This site has e-books and audiobooks that can be read or listened to on a device. Please note: A library card for the Haywood County Public Library system is needed in order to access these resources.

In order to borrow a title, click on it. You will then need to choose your library system (Haywood County Public Library) and enter your library card number and your pin. The pin is the last four digits of your phone number.


*IXL – Most grade levels at JVE use this resource to supplement Math instruction and practice. Please contact your teacher for more information. 


*Mystery Science – This resource is providing some free lessons and activities organized by grade level during school closures!

*National Geographic Kids – This website has lots of eye-catching information and ideas for experiments and STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math) activities!

Free Resources Covering a Variety of Subjects!

*NCWiseOwl – This is a database containing various online resources for all grade levels, including online children’s encyclopedias, e-books, and databases, provided by the state of North Carolina for public school students. Your student may use this at school. 

*Starfall – This website is designed primarily for grades Pre-K – 3 and contains reading and math activities and games. It provides practice of phonics and math facts for students with special needs or for any student!

*Wonderopolis – This website poses interesting questions and answers on a variety of topics. Parents, if you decide to use this resource, there are opportunities to comment, so monitor accordingly. 

Typing/Keyboarding Skills

*Typing Club – This site gives step-by-step directions for learning to type.


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