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Good Afternoon Jonathan Valley Families,


We have had a wonderful week back at school, and look forward to welcoming our PreK students and Kindergarteners back this upcoming week.

All of the information in this call is sent through the email you have connected to your HCS Blackboard Connect phone account, through Remind, and posted on our JVE website.


This phone call has information about volunteers, the BOG assessment for 3rd graders, Panther Parking, free breakfast and lunch, car line and pedestrian crossing signs, bus times, and Fall Festival.


Please be on the lookout for two forms that recently came home with our students.  One form is for anyone interested in volunteering at JVE.  The other form is from our PTA with information about auctioning off the three Panther Parking spaces.

Monday, August 29th, all 3rd graders will take the Beginning of Grade state assessment.  Please have your child at school on time, well rested, and make sure they eat breakfast.  Make ups are required for any absent students.

We are thankful to be part of a grant so all of our JVES students can have free breakfast and lunch. In order to keep this grant next year, we have to keep our participation numbers up. This is especially true with breakfast; fewer students eat school breakfast than lunch. Our breakfasts are grab and go with things like sausage biscuits, donuts, maple pancakes, and fresh fruit.  I encourage you to look at the lunch menu calendar too and ask your child if they would like to try eating lunch at school. There’s nothing like grilled cheese and soup day, taco day, and many other tasty lunches at school.

Both morning and afternoon car line have gone smoothly this week. Our maintenance department has recently painted Pedestrian Crossing signs on the asphalt in the front of JVE and on the two side entrances.  Please make yourselves familiar with where these signs are.  In the afternoon and mornings during student drop off and pick up at the front of the school we ask you to not park on top of the pedestrian crossings, so our students, faculty and staff, may cross safely. Remember that kindergarten students start coming next week, so please be patient and know that things will slow down a bit until our youngest students learn the ropes.  In the afternoons, please have your yellow tag in a visible spot with the child’s (or children’s) first and last name in bold marker and the grade level. This makes things a little safer and speeds things up significantly. Thanks in advance for your help with this! 

Bus riders should allow at least 10 minutes before and after the usual arrival time of their bus all year.  We do our best to stay on schedule, but sometimes there is traffic, students riding or not riding, a substitute driver, and other unforeseen circumstances.  If you would be interested in being a bus substitute driver, give us a call, we would love to have you.  Bus pick up and drop off times will begin to fluctuate again this week, because Kindergarten staggered entry begins August 29 – September 1.  Thank you in advance for your  patience.


Please make sure you have sent After School Care paperwork back to school.   We ask all K-5 families to fill this paperwork out even if you do not plan for your child to stay in after school care.  Emergencies do arise, and if we do not have paperwork on file, your child cannot go to after school care.   


Fall Festival will be on Thursday, October 6th, from 5:30-7:30.  Be sure to save the date. 


Have a great evening, and give us a call if you have any questions. 


Go Panthers!


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