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Good Afternoon Jonathan Valley Families,

This message has information about February 8th being changed to a regular, in person, school day, the upcoming Remote Learning Day on February 24th,

Just a reminder that Friday, February 8th is no longer scheduled as a Remote Learning Day. All school systems are required to have at least 5 remote learning days built into their school calendar each year. When we have a “snowday” and it turns into a remote learning day, that means that the day counts as a school day and one of the remote learning days that was scheduled gets removed. For example, we were out of school on Friday, 1/13 due to bad weather and it was changed to a remote learning day. That means it counts as a school day, and students are counted present as long as they complete their assignments. Now the remote day that was scheduled for Wednesday, 2/8 is a regular school day. We just swapped a remote day for a regular day and no extra day had to be added to the end of the school year. The word “optional” can cause confusion, but it is used because faculty and staff can either work or take leave on those days, so that is why they are called “Remote Learning Optional Workdays”.

February 24th is still scheduled as a Remote Learning Optional Workday.

Calendar updates are always available on the Haywood County Schools website.

School Calendars

Enjoy the rest of your evening, and give us a call if you have any questions.

Go Panthers!


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