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What year did you start working at Jonathan Valley Elementary School? 
Personal work experience and past careers: 
Worked at Riverbend for years prior to JVE, worked a year at the health department as a health educator while getting bachelors in elem education. Received Masters from Montreal several years ago as well
Heath ( boyfriend) been together almost 7 years. Cosby ( red heeled) almost three years old. Brother Dave married and is a veterinarian he owns his own clinic in Rome, Georgia. Mom and Dad both retired educators as well.
Heath and I love camping and hiking= anything outdoors. Most Sundays you will find us all three in Cataloochee. Heath fishes and Cosby and I walk. On a bad fishing day Cosby and I can get about 9 1/2 miles in before we come home. People always ask why we aren’t married….. he is either fishing, coon hunting bear hunting,or working . ( that’s my excuse anyway)

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  • Position Title: Teacher
  • E-mail address: acaldwell@haywood.k12.nc.us

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