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After almost two years of grant writing, fund raising, and paperwork, our courtyard playground is done. The only thing we still need to do is get an appropriate and safe ground cover so our students can begin to play on these cool structures. We are working on that and will get that done as quickly as we can. This playground is largely due to the Kaboom grant that one of our PreK teachers, Elizabeth Reis, labored to complete. We received funds through that grant from Dr. Pepper/Snapple which covered the cost of the playground equipment. The cost of site preparation was funded by community donations and fund raisers in which our students and parents participated. The labor was completely done by parents and community members (with one representative from the playground company). This has truly been a community effort. We are SO blessed to have the support of our parents and community. On behalf of the children of Jonathan Valley Elementary School, THANKS!!! Please come by anytime and someone will take you out to see the fruits of your efforts.


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