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Jonathan Valley Elementary School was honored to have the Mountain Faith Band conduct their “I Write My Story” writing program for our students on Tuesday, May 16th.  This talented band was here to speak to our students about how they write their songs, and the importance of journal writing in their own lives.  This journal writing is often the first stage in writing one of their songs!  The band performed several songs for our students, each time explaining what the inspiration was behind the song and their thought process as they wrote it.  Each band member spoke about a different aspect of writing: visualization, inspiration, onomatopoeia (using words to represent sounds, such as “whoosh”, “wham”, “swish”).  Students had opportunities to participate by dancing, singing, and writing in their own journals. The band shared 3 important things for our students to keep in mind, in their writing approach and in other areas of their lives:

  1. Always do your best.
  2. Never give up.
  3. Dream big!

Mountain Faith Band ended by answering questions from the audience.  It was an inspirational, exciting program!

Each student was given a journal with a picture of the band inside the back cover.  We hope our students will use these journals to write their thoughts, feelings, stories, and yes—even songs!

If you are interested in learning more about Mountain Faith Band or their non-profit organization, go to Mountain Faith’s Facebook page, or google I Write My Story.org.


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