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We are designing activities that help us weave a global perspective into our school atmosphere at Jonathan Valley. One project that we have going on is called the “Country of the Month”. Each month we will focus on a different country. In October we had displays in the cafeteria lobby that included the geography, music, art, food, clothing, and school life of Mexico. Students viewed these items and discussed them each day as they entered and exited the cafeteria. A group of high school students came dressed in traditional Mexican clothing and performed dances for several of our classes. The 4th grade teachers went from class to class and offered a variety of juices popular in Hispanic culture for students to taste. A couple of pinatas were brought by a Hispanic parent and the custom was explained to the class by she and her daughter. Many items around the school were labeled with the Spanish word or phrase and teachers stopped and discussed these with their students in their travels around campus. Last, but not least, some of our classes did some artwork pertaining to “Dia de los Muertos”. This is a Hispanic holiday designed to help people remember loved ones who have died. Stay tuned for next month’s Country of the Month post!!!



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