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On Friday, November 17, we will have our annual Community Thanksgiving Lunch. Parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, neighbors, and anyone else who would like a delicious turkey lunch are more than welcome to attend. The cost is $5 for adults and $3 for children under 5 who are not students at JVE. Our White Christmas canned food drive will also begin on Friday, November 17, so please feel free to bring a few cans of food to donate when you come to have lunch with us.

The following is the lunch schedule by teacher name so you can plan your day:

10:40-11:10     Ashe (2nd grade)

10:45-11:15     Collins (2nd grade)

10:50-11:20     Crawford (2nd grade)


10:55-11:25     Mason (3rd grade)

11:00-11:30     Patterson (3rd grade)

11:05-11:35     Hembree (3rd grade)

11:10-11:40     Rogers (3rd grade)


11:15-11:45     Ernest (5th grade)

11:20-11:50     Langley (5th grade)

11:25-11:55     Serenius (5th grade)


11:30-12:00   Dale (1st grade)

11:35-12:05   Downs (1st grade)

11:40-12:10   Winter (1st grade)


11:45-12:20         Reis (PreK)

11:55-12:30         Swanger (PreK)


12:05-12:40         Cleaveland (K)

12:15-12:50          Jones (K)

12:25-1:00            Sterry (K)

12:35-1:10            Beck (K)


12:45-1:15     Caldwell (4th grade)

12:50-1:20     Huneycutt (4th grade)

12:55-1:25      Rizoti (4th grade)


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