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JVE students turned the library into an ecosystem learning lab this past Thursday, March the 7th. Fifth graders in science class and during their library time have been studying the prairies, deciduous forests, and estuaries of North America along with lakes and ponds and the open ocean.  Huddled in small groups throughout the library, fifth graders led 10 minutes discussions about these ecosystems with second and third graders. The students looked at large pictures of the ecosystems drawn by the fifth graders and saw the common plants and animals. They learned who eats who and how energy gets passed from the sun to producers and onto consumers. Next, they looked at video clips and saw the ecosystem in action.  They wrapped up their time by listening to ecosystem reports written and read aloud by the fifth graders followed by a question and answer time.  Second and third graders got to rotate to different fifth graders and learn about new ecosystems during their ecosystem learning lab time.


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