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On Thursday evening, March 21, an overflow crowd attended the JVES Family Code Night event held in the school library. This was facilitated by our school media coordinator, Mrs. Abbe, with help from Mr. Serenius, Ms. Hembree, and Mrs. Wilson. A couple of former JVES students came back to help with this event as well. The event centered around students and parents learning about coding together. Several coding puzzles were completed on the students’ and parents’ individual pace with Mrs. Abbe stopping everyone periodically to talk about, explain, and model the 6 “Big Ideas” in coding for kids. Those are:

  1. A PROGRAM is a list of instructions you create to tell a computer what to do.
  2. A REPEAT LOOP repeats any block or blocks you put inside it, as many times as you say, or until a goal is reached.
  3. CODE EFFICIENCY means using as few blocks as possible to solve the puzzle.
  4. THERE ARE NO MISTAKES IN CODING. Just de-bug to fix it!
  5. A CONDITIONAL is an “if-then” statement in your code.
  6. An “IF-ELSE” statement lets your code decide things.

Anyone can access the games we played last Thursday night by going to www.familycodenight.org/start

Thank you so everyone who came to our event!!


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